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Laser Cutting

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Laser cutting is at the forefront of profiling technology, because it has the ability to accurately cut component parts with a less than a 0.130mm tolerance. The position and the cutting path of the laser is precisely controlled by computer controlled software which allows very fine detail to be handled with ease and allows for a much higher definition and quality of cut when compared to other types of manufacturing.

Advantages of Laser Cutting
Laser cutting systems are at there effective best when producing a precise cut because of the accuracy of the fine laser contact. Heat is generated but because of the precise contact with the material it generates only the narrowest heat-affected area. Laser cutting can produce complex internal and external detail, can be produced and remove the need for further machining operations.

The Laser Cutting Process
The beam from the laser is focused on to the surface of the material being cut by means of a lens. The focused laser beam heats the material surface and a very local melt capillary is quickly established throughout the depth of the material.

The great majority of CO2 laser cutting is performed using an assist gas. The significant feature of gas assisted laser cutting is that the molten material is ejected from the base of the capillary by a jet of gas. Stainless steel is cut utilising nitrogen as the assist gas, which prevents oxide on the cut edge, eliminating secondary processing prior to welding. The cut is generated by either moving the focused laser beam across the surface of the stationary material or by keeping the laser beam stationary and moving the work piece.


Laser Capabilities

• Highly complex profiles
• Fast and cost efficient cutting
• Incredible accuracy
• Cutting bed 4m x 2m
• Repeatability Flexibility
• No tooling costs
• Reduced client product costs.
• Clean burr free edges.
• Increased quality.
• Minimal distortion due to low heat
• Non-contact cutting – no contamination
• Very thin materials processed accurately
• Increased material utilisation Fast efficient programming

Precision Laser Cutting of materials individual max thickness
Aluminium (10mm )
Stainless steel (15mm)
Mild steel (20mm)
Exotic Metals (10mm)

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